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Mini power-packs fundamental components for a compact system
The mini power-packs are one of the available products and manufactured in the factories of Lumezzane, together with the valves for the gas and the flexible pipes are the ideal complement for the realization of a complete distribution system for environments where space is limited. This may be [...]

Manifolds for sanitary installations and flexible choice of derivations
The manifolds for sanitary installations usable in the home and in the domestic systems are made by Gnali Bocia in Lumezzane, equipped with modern processing plants based on numerical control machines, that guarantee the precision of the work and the reliability of the product. In the case of [...]

Safety valve useful to avoid explosions
For each application between our products it is possible to find the most suitable safety valve for shape and size, to be applied to gas utilization devices. The task of this safety valve is to stop the flow of combustible when there are no safety conditions for its operation. One of the most [...]

Tube for LPG with textile reinforcement for safe installations
The tube for LPG made of PVC with a textile reinforcement, which prevents the explosion, is what together with the pressure reducers connects the cylinder to any user device purely for domestic use. The tubes marketed by GNALI BOCIA are designed to withstand a maximum operating pressure of 5 bar [...]

Water pressure reducer "mignon" series
When the space for the installation of a water pressure reducer is very small, the choice can only fall on the mignon series, a really compact solution to obtain, however, the safeguard of the delicate systems and devices connected to them. The use of this model of water pressure reducer is [...]

Tubular electrical resistances a safe choice
If we talk about plumbing and heating products, one of the strengths of our company's catalog is that of tubular electrical resistances, a complete series of articles able to satisfy both the spare parts market but also the wide sector of the manufacturers that in the first preparation of [...]

Tradition and safety in the plumbing and heating products
Tradition and innovation, but also tradition and safety in the plumbing and heating products, made by the company GNALI BOCIA using the best raw materials available on the market. A precise quality choice to face a market that every day requires the best. The decision to be the first on the [...]

Stainless steel flexible pipes with plastic protective sheath
The stainless steel flexible pipes, also called ‘to continuous wall’, are devices that are normally used for connecting users to the domestic gas distribution network, replacing the rubber pipe. They can also be used for water conduction. The stainless steel flexible pipes can also be [...]

Brass manifolds complementary to hydraulic fittings
For the sanitary distribution or for the heating systems, the choice often falls on the brass manifolds, devices that combine the practicality of the connection to the modularity, but above all to a considerable saving of space. And perhaps this last feature is the one that makes the choice in [...]

Air vent valve controlled by a float
We know that the air vent valve is the cure to eliminate the accumulations of air from the systems that besides generating the well-known noise in the pipes, can generate obstructions in the pipes or worse cavitation in the pumps and lastly also corrosion phenomena . The first step to reduce [...]

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