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A pressure reducer for every need
When speaking of pressure reducers we refer to a vast range of devices dedicated to the regulation of outflowing pressure whether of liquid or gaseous fluids. GNALI BOCIA manufactures in its factory in Lumezzane, an extensive range of devices that covers both sectors. The most complete range [...]

Flexible tubes for water, corrugated in steel
We can use all the flexible tubes for water even if specifically designed to conduct gas, but in the vast range available in the catalog, there is the FL289 specifically achieved for this objective. These flexible tubes for water are in stainless steel, in conformity with the provisions of the [...]

Electrical armored resistors for heating
When speaking about electrical resistors for heating, we always refer to the heating of water in industrial or domestic facilities. But aside from this main use of these resistors, there may also be other uses. Oil or other fluids may be heated through these electrical resistors as long as the [...]

Mini-power units for campers and mobile homes
Always available in the warehouse, we can find the mini-power units a practical and compact solution to connect two or more tanks to a system. This solution can be used in both civil facilities, but is specially appreciated in campers and mobile homes because it is small and very [...]

Electric resistors for heating as a multipurpose spare part
Using electric resistors to heat fluids in boilers is an old but still valid solution, especially for those applications where fuels are not permitted, or where the volumes in play are not large. In Gnali Bocia’s reference catalogue, you can find electric resistors for heating that are [...]

Radiators and air vent valves, the perfect couple
One of the critical points of a system from the gas and air accumulation standpoint is the radiator, which needs to be bled regularly in order to operate efficiently. Unfortunately, no-one ever remembers to do this until difficulties occur. Automatic air vent valves, applied in the place of [...]

Water and gas pressure reducing valves
Pressure reducing valves are important for the safety of every system. In the gnali bocia catalogue you can find reducers for both water and gas. The first is a compensated-type pressure reducing valve that offers an extremely stable performance independently from inflow pressure variations [...]

Nickel plated threaded brass fittings
Nickel plating is a hardening surface treatment that makes the product surface highly resistant to the wear that is typical of assembly operations, and to corrosion, which can be generated by permanence in humid environments. The choice of this particular treatment to coat threaded brass [...]

Manifolds for sanitary installations with adjustment screw
In the gnali bocia catalogue you can find a wide range of manifolds for sanitary installations equipped with regulating valve. The manifolds are available in the version with 40 mm between the axes and the more compact version with 35 mm between the axes. These manifolds for sanitary [...]

You don't need an operator, all you need are some air vent valves
As said many times before, automatic air vent valves are useful for eliminating the air and gases that accumulate in systems, and which cause problems during system operation. Air bubbles can, in fact, block some pipe branches, preventing correct heat exchange. Our air vent valves, especially [...]

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