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The use of pressure stabilizers in agriculture
Water is a fundamental element in crops, as it represents the sustenance of crops: for this reason, its management, in addition to control, represents a fundamental step to ensure an excellent harvest. In this context, the components of the irrigation system and, among them, the pressure [...]

The role of pressure stabilizers in a gas system
The systems for the conveyance and conduction of gases are essential for various types of domestic and civil users. The use of pressure stabilizers, in this field, is an essential requirement for the proper functioning of the system: all phases, from design to assembly, require care and attention, [...]

Brass fittings for hydraulic use
The brass hydraulic fittings are a product of fundamental importance for the connection and construction of domestic and civil plumbing systems. Within the Gnali Bocia catalog there are numerous models and this allows to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The production process of [...]

Heating manifolds with stopcock
The heating manifolds are a choice of heat distribution systems within the home network and civil construction. They are also commonly called multiple derivation devices, as they have a number of derivations on the central body that can vary from 2 to 4: in this way they are able to supply the [...]

The operation of shut-off valves
What are the shut-off valves for? The shut-off valves are fundamental components within modern thermo-hydraulic systems. In fact, these devices allow the flow of fuel to be regulated in such a way that the temperature of the fluid is not too high and there is no risk of damage to the system [...]

Gas taps with safety valve: functionality and constitution
The gas taps are fundamental components within every system because they allow the passage, regulation and blocking of the gas inflow at any time using a knob. The safety valves, on the other hand, are necessary components to prevent any malfunction or failure of the system from having harmful [...]

Precautions when assembling flexible water hoses
Correct installation of the water hoses is essential to make this component work properly, which has become increasingly important inside, especially, the hydro-sanitary systems. It is important to note, however, that at the time of delivery, the tube is accompanied by the assembly [...]

Nickel-plated brass: an excellent choice for multilayer pipe fittings
The starting point: brass Brass is an alloy consisting mainly of Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) which is characterized by high qualities of ductility and malleability, as well as good resistance to corrosion. The machinability of the machine tools is good, but the toughness of the material tends to [...]

The importance of air vent valves in radiators
The radiator is a heat exchanger used inside cars to cool the temperature of the cooling water leaving the engine. Usually it occurs through contact with air and, once the temperature has decreased and an adequate value has been reached, the water continues its cycle and is used again to cool the [...]

The use of the pressure regulator in LPG systems for the automotive sector
The use of LPG or methane gas to power cars is increasingly growing in the global automotive market thanks to both a reduction in costs and an eco-sustainable vision of the transport sector. Focusing on LPG, consumption compared to a classic petrol engine is about 20% higher but the advantage lies [...]

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